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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brown Sugar Bath Scrub

I have definitely been slacking at Blogging lately. With the new job & the amount of Online Community/Web stuff I am having to tackle for that, I've neglected getting on here and writing some more personal things.
I have a lot to say about my lovely sister Kiirsten's wedding shower that I planned last weekend!! But for now I'm going to focus on the Party Favour I created since I have had many requests for the recipe. 

I got a few different ideas from a few different websites but I think this "recipe" is pretty do-it-to-your-liking. I was hesitant to follow exact measurements ... for one, because I never do with anything that I make (haha)... and for two, because relying on cups & teaspoons doesn't always equal the best end result.
I had to make 30 jam jars of the scrub. I made it in 4 different batches based on 1kg bags of the dark brown sugar so the ingredient amounts listed below are for the TOTAL 30 jars. If you are needing to make only a few jars or containers or what not, I'd say divide this info by the 1kg bags as well. 

To make the scrub you will need...
- 4 Kg Dark Brown Sugar
- 2 Kg Pure Sugar Cane Brown Sugar
- 1 Kg Granulated White Sugar
- 2 Litres of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 4 Fl. Oz. of 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil
- Pure Vanilla extract
- Optional: Pure Essential Oil in your desired scent (I used Lavender)  

So what do ya do now? 

Step One:
Combine your dry ingredients. 
Put 1kg of your brown sugar into a big bowl, mix it with a 500grams of the sugar cane, and 250 grams of white sugar. 

Combine your wet ingredients.
In a separate bowl, mix 250mL of your Olive Oil with 2tablespoons of your Vitamin E oil and 3tablespoons of the vanilla. Stir it up so that it blends as much as possible. 

Step Two: 
Combine the two. Be sure to stir the dry stuff a bunch to avoid any clumps. 

Step Three:
Put in a few drops of your essential oil. Some oils can be quite strong so be careful here. For the lavender I did about 4-5 drops, mixed it around and then decided if it smelled like it could use some more.   

*You may think that your batch seems a little oily or a little dry. Feel free to add more sugar or oil as your heart desires... It's pretty hard to screw this up. Sometimes I even threw in more vanilla if I wanted a bigger scent. 

For the most part I kept thinking it seemed too wet or pretty oily, but once I divided it into the jars I realized it tends to crystallize a bit. Also - after using it I realized the oilier probably the better. It makes your skin SOOOO SOFT. 

And that's pretty much it! VERY simple... 

I scooped it into the jars using a regular kitchen table spoon & decorated them to my liking! 
Below matches the butterfly theme and the colour scheme of the party.


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