“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Going For It.

I have always wanted to start blogging. I'm not sure what the hold up was, maybe I  thought I wasn't interesting enough. But I've come to realize that it doesn't really matter whether or not I think I'm interesting; it more so matters that I just may have something to say.
(And for those of you who know me - you know I always have something to say!) 

The Blogger world is pretty neat, I'm excited to get more deeply involved. Although not so much a blog-writer (yet!), I have always been a big blog-reader. I love cooking blogs, blogs on entertaining, blogs from sports personalities, Top 10 blogs, blogs with Tips, all those kinds of things. Except now that it comes to my own blog I am hesitant to pinpoint a specific area of discussion. I'm not exactly an expert at anything in particular, nor do I have an encyclopedia series worth of wisdom that I want to share with the world. However I am a bit of a free bird, and out of all the things I could be described as: boring is not one of them. 

I guess as your classic Aquarius you will find that I tend to thrive on eccentricity and open-mindedness. I value being a bit unconventional and a lot independent. I support social awareness and am curious about the world around me; near & far. 
I Try new things - I Travel - I Take a genuine interest in life. 
These will be the 3 Ts I intend to explore from week to week in a Tall Glass Of... 
Between a combination of these characteristics - plus a side of random - I believe it could turn "lil' uninteresting me" into a pretty good read every once & a while. 

I know I'm not going to be great right away. I know I'm going to need a little help here & there. But I am ready to get moving. To start learning, sharing, and proving to myself that I do have something interesting to say.
I'm ready to go for it. 

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  1. GO Nikki!! I'm excited for you. I def am looking forward to reading your stuff. Good luck my friend. :D