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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Raising a Pup.

Just around this time two years ago, I made a big life decision. I decided to get myself a dog. Not only was this the biggest life decision I have ever made, but it was also the best life decision I have ever made. 

Although I like to think I am not "one of those" owners who talks about and brags about her pup as if he's her child, I know that I kind of am. 
But I'm actually kind of OK with that. 
Elliot has changed a lot of things about my life. He's introduced me to chewed tupperware and goobers on everything. He has made wearing black and sleeping-in impossible. He has me taking 60minutes to do something that would otherwise take 20. But here's the thing; I would never, ever trade any of this. Despite the things you have to give up when you become a pet owner, it is astonishing how much you gain. 

I got Elliot at a weird life stage; it probably seemed irresponsible to those around me. I lived by myself, I was single, I went out more days a week than I stayed in. But really... he was exactly what I needed. Elliot taught me things in our first few months together that it otherwise would have taken me years to understand. He centered me. He grounded me. He made me realize that putting your time & energy into loving something was more important than many of things I thought were important at the time. 

I have to give tons of credit to my friends & family for stepping up to the plate and aiding me in my times of need as a "single mum". But I think on some level Elliot has brought something special into your lives as well, so you probably aren't too upset about those whiny nights or hair-covered jackets. 

It was a bit of a spur of the moment decision, but I did know what I was getting myself into. I don't recommend getting a pet without some serious planning. In fact - I strongly recommend borrowing someone else's pet so you understand just how much time & energy having a canine buddy takes. When you sign up for buying or adopting a pet - you need to understand that you are committing to being their care taker for life. 

It is interesting though... when you first get your puppy, you are thinking about the present, the now, and how they're so adorable you just can't stay mad at them for eating your undies. But you don't really think about all the major events these little creatures are going to be there for, and also just how much they are going to be there for you. I know now that there couldn't have been a better time, or stage of my life for me to take on the challenge of raising another being. He brings entertainment, amusement & unconditional adoration to me each & everyday. He is going to be with me through so many things; moving around, gaining or losing people in my life,  falling in love, career challenges, buying my first house, getting married, and most likely even having my first children. I know we are talkin' way far away here, but that is my point exactly. Thick & thin, exciting & scary, emotional & uncontrollable experiences are going to come and they are going to go. 

When I made the decision to get Elliot, I really made a decision that no matter what happens at the end of the day it is going to be me & my pup.
But I'm actually really OK with that.  

 snoozin' & treats. treats & snoozin'. 

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